DATE2020-11-05 16:10-17:00



TITLEArnoldi Algorithms with Structured Orthogonalization

ABSTRACT This is one joint work with Chung Kuan Cheng and Xinyuan Wang. We study a stability preserved Arnoldi algorithm for matrix exponential in the time domain simulation of large-scale power delivery networks (PDN), which are formulated as semi-explicit differential algebraic equations (DAEs). The solution can be decomposed to a sum of two projections, one in the range of the system operator and the other in its null space. The range projection can be computed with one shift-and -invert Krylov subspace method. The other projection can be computed with the algebraic equations. Differing from the ordinary Arnoldi method, the orthogonality in the Krylov subspace is replaced with the semi-inner product induced by the positive semi-definite system operator. With proper adjustment, numerical ranges of the Krylov operator lie in the right half-plane, and we obtain theoretical convergence analysis for the modified Arnoldi algorithm in computing phi-functions. Simulations on RLC networks are demonstrated to validate the effectiveness of the Arnoldi algorithm with structured-orthogonalization.